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There are thousands of small and medium businesses, which are sourcing their products from China today. This is because China has emerged as a global factory. It controls over 30% of global manufacturing. All the major companies with different companies’ sources of their products are from China. The tech giants like apple, Samsung and tesla have their manufacturing units in China.

This has been possible because of the visionary ideas and plans of the Chinese leaders and the cheap labour that the Chinese population offers. These two factors coalesced and made the China that we see today. It is the second biggest economy bested only by the United States of America. China is posed to be the biggest economy soon.

This is all because of the manufacturing conducive facilities and infrastructure that China presents. When you do it the right way, then you can increase the profit margins and cut the labour cost by a large portion by manufacturing in China. However, there are a lot of myths which surround the markets of China which need to be busted so that you get a clear understanding of the Chinese markets.

These myths need to be busted because many entrepreneurs are planning on sourcing products from China online and this makes it very important that all the lies surrounding the Chinese markets are removed and can make a proper opinion regarding the Chinese markets.

Here are a some China sourcing products benefits

1. Expansive supplier base

You can either go physically to source the products or you can use the internet to sourcing products from China online and in any case, it will be beneficial for you. The supplier base in China is simply humongous. Be it textiles, electronics or consumer goods, there is an extensive range of products that you will find in China. 

There is practically no product in the world that China does not make. The Chinese industrial cluster is much different than what you expect. There are well-defined zones, which have Chinese companies located in them. For instance, the Yiwu region is home to the world’s largest commodity market.

You can find sourcing products from China online too. Just do a google search and the list of all the agents and suppliers will appear on the page. You can also search on Bing. There are some platforms like Alibaba and Made in China which is dedicated for the suppliers to list their products there. In such a case, you can contact them as well.

One of the caveats while sourcing products from China online is that many spurious resellers pose to be manufacturers and you must be wary of them if you are looking to source goods, which must be specific to the demand like electronic items or clothing and similar materials.

While you are sourcing products from China online you can check the reliability and authenticity of the seller online by going to their website. If the website is just one page long and lacks details then it is a fake supplier. He is probably a reseller posing to be a supplier. You can also schedule a zoom call.

If language is a barrier then you may communicate on WeChat which is the most popular social media app in china and almost all Chinese manufacturers use it. The app has an inbuilt translator and hence when sourcing products from China online you can use this app to ask questions to the supplier.

If he can satisfy your queries, then he is a reliable and genuine supplier.

2. Low labour cost

the country of china has the largest population in the world. This is one of the reasons why manufacturing is so easy here the country provides a large amount of cheap labour to the citizens here. The labour cost is one of the dominating factors, which govern the price of a product.

China is famous for its large pool of skilled and unskilled labour. There are specialized labour markets in china which serve as the hotspots for companies to pick up the labour for manufacturing. Further, the government policies are manufacturing-friendly. There have been many instances where the government itself pays the labour cost and the company doesn’t have to spend a dime for some time.

3- Excellent quality of the product- there is a very common misconception that flogs the market that Chinese products are not reliable and are of bad quality. However, this is very distant from the truth. The quality of the products that you get depends on the raw materials used and on the quality of the manufacturing process that is involved.

Big brands like Apple and Samsung have their manufacturing units in china and their phones are doing pretty well. Hence, it is not the Chinese goods but the raw materials and the manufacturing process that is bad and of low quality.

4- Direct sourcing – when you decide on outsourcing buyers then there is a lot of third-party involvement. You will have to deal with a plethora of agents and middlemen and this concludes with delays and extra costs levied on the product. Thus, the product becomes costlier and the whole exercise of sourcing products from China gets futile.

However, this is not the China case. When it comes to China, you can source the goods directly from the manufacturer. This leads to the evasion of all the middlemen costs and the waste of time is neglected. If you are lucky enough then you will have to coordinate with just one sourcing agent and all will be done like magic.


In a highly cut-throat global market, enterprises need to focus on growing their profit margin devoid of compromising product quality or increasing production costs. This is one of the reasons why many of the businesses across the world choose to source products from China.

You can easily get the products sourced from Chinese markets and earn a handsome profit by selling the products in the local markets.

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