Differences Between the World’s Most Expensive Pens and Every Other Pen Ever Made

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Before we get started, we thought it may be fun to provide some information on the most expensive pens we stock. We find them to be really extravagant.   When it comes to extravagance, nothing beats a high-end pen that displays outstanding craftsmanship and a wholly distinct design.

We’ll fill you in on a pen that’s packed with a thousand black diamonds and then go down the whole price range of our priciest pens.  Although we’ve been in the pen business for quite some time, we’re nonetheless always impressed by the cutting-edge products of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Allow me to gauge your level of interest in each of these issues.

The Most Expensive Pens and Pencils in the World

Here is a rundown of the world’s priciest pens, along with an analysis of why each one made the cut. We hope that you now have a deeper appreciation for fine writing instruments.

Fulgor Nocturnus

It’s hard to imagine, but in the year 2020, $8 million was raised at an auction for a good cause thanks to the world’s most expensive pen. The fact that this one-of-a-kind pen is made from precious materials like black diamonds and rubies isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out as extraordinary. It is world’s most expensive pen made with diamonds.

This pen was really designed with the Golden Ratio in mind. The Golden Ratio is also known as the Divine Proportion of Phi. Your pen’s design was inspired by the golden ratio, which was initially seen in nature and is now often used as a structural and aesthetic standard. When you divide the pen’s cap length by the barrel length, you get a ratio of 1.618, which is the Golden Ratio.

Taj Mahal Limited Edition

On the list of the most expensive pens ever sold, number two was a pen that was one of just ten ever made. Montblanc drew inspiration for their High Artistry collection from the story of the Taj Mahal’s building and the life of its architect, Shah Jahan. The amazing mauseoleum that Shah Jahan erected for his most cherished lady was one of the inspirations for the creation of the Montblanc 149 fountain pen.

Tear of the Moon

The pens were made using a jewelry-making technique that has been handed down through the family for centuries. Their sinuous shape was inspired by traditional Mughal blades.

There is something unique about each pen that makes it stand out from the others. Some pens, like the Black Myth, have removable gems that reveal secret images; others, like the Tears of the Moon and Insignia of Power, have precious stones.

Boheme Royal Pen

A couple of the most costly pens in the world are made by Montblanc, one of the most recognisable brands in the world recognised for producing high-quality writing equipment.  The next is the Boheme Royal pen, whose white gold body is plated in 18-karat gold and is covered with more than 1,430 diamonds in a rainbow of hues.


The most prestigious pen manufacturers in the world have been producing high-end pens just for pen collectors for decades. In this article, we’ll examine some of the world’s most costly pens and discuss the features that make them so desirable to pen collectors.

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