Four Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Cost when Importing into the United States

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Posted By Heather Humphries

Whether you are new to goods importing or an importer who wants to streamline the importing process, you could make mistakes somewhere when you are not careful. Unfortunately, even a single mistake can stop the entry of goods into the United States, causing delays or rejection of the goods. Thankfully, you can avoid common importing mistakes when you work with experts from You can depend on customs brokers to help you import goods successfully into the U. S. The following are the mistakes customs brokers can help you avoid:

Not Using the Correct Customs Tariff Codes

In the United States, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule determines the tariff classification of all items traded in the country. It serves as a kind of consent you must get for importing goods. Not using the right code can indicate importing illegal or inappropriate goods. Also, using the wrong codes can cause you to pay more or less for required customs duties and taxes. To determine customs tariff codes, you can look them up online, let a customs broker classify the goods on your behalf, or apply for a CBP binding ruling.

Not Being Organized

When you arrange imports, there are many things to do and tasks to complete. And poor communication or a lack of organization can lead to some steps not being taken. This leads to delays. Thus, you need to plan ahead and allocate responsibilities. You should determine who will have to make payments for and when. Also, identify where a freight comes from and goes to. Who should record the vital statistics of a cargo? Having things organized and planned ahead of time will ensure an efficient importing experience.

Failing to Understand Your Buying Terms Options

Usually, importers do not take time to understand buying terms deeply and fail to ask questions regarding the fine print. However, if you do so, you may not be able to take advantage of opportunities to increase your profits. Reviewing and revising the buying terms allows you to maximize your savings.

Working with Several Logistics Providers

Although working with a reliable freight forward can streamline the import process and reduce the pressure you have to go through, working with many logistics providers can complicate matters. Some freight forwarders only cover certain locations. However, reducing the number of providers to work with also reduce your contact list and paperwork. Also, you will be less confused than when you deal with several providers.   

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